Relentless Focus

There is always more to do. Backlogs can become a major point of contention, especially when multiple feature teams have inter-dependencies. This workshop creates a shared framework for Product Owners, Product Managers, and Business Stakeholders to maximize economic outcomes.

  1. Intro: Value Creation is a Dialogue
  2. Assessing the cultural drivers
  3. Acknowledging the importance of politics
  4. Gaining creative confidence (exercise)
  5. Users, customers, and stakeholders
  6. Empathy mapping the target (exercise)
  7. Identifying your actionable metric
  8. Understanding Cost-to-Delay
  9. The Lean Canvas business case (exercise)
  10. The Weighted Shorted Job First method
  11. Adding fuzzy weighted logic to WSJF
  12. Getting practical: Releases, Themes, Epics, and Stories
  13. Open Space:  Can one size fit all (of us)?

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