Microstrategy for Small Business

Intro: Life is a Dialogue

Part 1: Your Identity

Creative confidence (exercise)
The Minimum Viable Superorganism
Core Values (exercise)
Core Purpose (exercise)
Envisioned Future (exercise)
One Big-Awesome-Crazy Goal (exercise)

Part 2: Your Transformation

Disruptive Influence
Consumers and Buyers
Empathy mapping (exercise)
Variability and Experimentation
Identifying your signals

Part 3: Your Path

Understanding Cost-of-Delay
The Lean Canvas business case (exercise)
Tactical Chunks of Change
Weighted Shorted Job First
Mapping your future (exercise)

Part 4: Your Presence

Showing Your Work
Selling Your Radiance
Advertising Your Core
Answering Pain
Teaching Your Past (exercise)

Conclusion: Evangelizing Ideas