Mission 1: End World Hunger

We hire innovators, disruptors, and creators who relentlessly pursue mastery in the craft of their choosing. Here a few of the roles that may be perfect for you.

If you need a description, we don’t want you. You’ll define your own craft here.

Robotics Engineer

Horticulture Specialist

Data Scientist

AI Ethics Policy-Maker

Quality Assurance

Business Analyst

Marketing Director

.Net Developer

Angular JS Developer

DevOps Engineer

Creative Accountant

Biomimicry Researcher

Product Owner

Crop Yield Analyst

Existential Philosopher

Drone Pilot

Swarm Statistician

Economics Modeler

Soil Technician

Agrarian Hive Psychologist

Jurisprudence Architect

Finance Analyst

Social Media Listener

Military Strategy Advisor

Market Signal Shouter


No, we don’t want your resume.

And, if you’re a sales person or spam artist hi-jacking our form, go away.

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