Our Values


We Are Strong

We train hard. We invest time in ourselves as individuals and as a team so that we perform when the pressure is on. We love a challenge. We learn, test, and stretch ourselves. We thrive in a full sprint when the competition is fierce. We are determined to test our limits, to become better, faster, and smarter every day. We prepare every day, so we are ready for anything.

We Are Focused

We keep our eye on the prize. We are strategic. We are decisive and apply our tenacity and acumen to make the hard choices. We embrace constraints and understand the trade-offs. We apply our time, energy, and talents to one wildly important thing with fierce discipline.  We know the opportunity cost, we know our focus is at the expense of the million distractions we could pursue, but we take pride in our vision.

We Are Creative

We are smashers of unrelated ideas. We brainstorm with thunder-snow. We love continuous experimentation and we test everything. We make failure cheap and gather feedback quickly so that any idea can be tested. We are a stronghold and a think tank, where psychological safety makes innovation inevitable. We are pragmatic and scientific with the hundreds of failed micro-experiments necessary to prove our hypothesis. We love clashing ideas and the tension of nuance, poised on the brink of chaos. We believe that truth is something that must happen to an idea. We blame the muse, not the artist.

We Are Relentless

We do not back down. We are courageous in the face of opposition. We maneuver against the competition, to win the battle for our ideas. We do not fight open wars of attrition against industries or ideologies. We target the weak points in the enemy system. We maintain a superior tempo of response to fleeting opportunities. We stay lean and flexible to ensure our agility. We pivot without remorse. We stay hungry to ensure we will never starve. We are loyal and unbending. We leave no one behind.

We Are Disruptive

We are innovators of paradigmatic shifts. We know our enemy: the established, bloated bureaucracies that are incapable of serving the needs of their market. We are on the side of the ones they left behind. We distort existing signals and use speed, surprise, and focus to collapse the logic of the current market. We employ superior information to topple the status quo. We create new markets, new value networks, and delight our customers. We pursue the long game

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