Our Purpose

We will disrupt the meaningless workplace.

Our Vision

Keener Strategy is founded with a fundamental principle – disruptive transformation can only occur when existing tensions are strengthened in unison. We will drive the adoption of disruptive technology, exceptional practices, and relentless focus in enterprises that are falling behind and teach them to individuals dedicated to progress. 

“Our purpose is clear: we will disrupt the dysfunctional socioeconomic systems that destroy motivation in human worker-life.”

– Andrew T Keener, Founder and CEO

Key Beliefs

The legacy of a complex system is the supporting power of the energy needed to transform it. Ignore it at the peril of your mission.

The the enterprise is a Minimum Viable Superorganism, comprised of multiple competing complex adaptive systems. Progress in one system will diminish when other systems are ignored.

Stagnant, entrenched ideologies, however “drowsy” are actively pursuing continuous experimentation.

Truth continuously “happens to” an idea, in an ongoing series of experiments to challenge the knowledge-accuracy of our belief-precision.

Truth is an equilibrium price for an idea that controls a behavior. Without a market, a value network, and a sale, an ideas value is left indeterminate.

Corporations must be citizens of their respective nation, with rights, responsibilities, and limitations appropriate for their scale.

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