Our Leadership

Andrew Keener

Founder and CEO

With more than a decade in technology and consulting, Andrew Keener started Keener Strategy to tackle massive problems and disrupt broken systems.

Mr. Keener completed his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at Loyola University Chicago, focusing heavily in three major areas – symbolic logic, existential psychology, and sociopolitical ethics. He went on to pursue his Master of Business Administration at Loyola University Chicago, specializing in Strategy and Marketing.

During his time in consulting and technology, Mr. Keener continued a relentless focus on education and personal development, holding several certifications in process improvement, software development management, and scaling product innovation. He is also on the Board of Directors for Home to Home Dog Rescue, NFP, 501(c)3 and enjoys giving back to the local community.

As a published author, public speaker, and lean-agile trainer, you will never find a shortage of bold ideas, even in everyday conversation. His t-shaped skills have been developed “in the fire” as a corporate analyst, technical writer, Product Owner, Scrum Master, and DevOps consultant. As a lean-agile program consultant, Mr. Keener is never shy when there is a tough problem to solve, preferring pragmatism and experimentation over diffusion and ivory-tower debates.

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