You were taught, with Pavlovian diligence, that you would live forever and the lives you destroy indirectly in this world need not weigh on your conscience. Oh how the frying of chicken convinces you that your ghettos, holocausts, child sex trafficking, and comprehensive torture, rape, and murder, are acceptable! 

Not acceptable, but only accepted. Who domesticated you this way; to die, expendable, through the pain and destruction of so many lives?

Everywhere we find record of cooked meat we find an expansive system of death. Humanity, nearly wiping out every predator, capable of such industry to recreate Eden, to live off nuts and fruits, equananimous health across all life on Earth. Instead kill everything. Kill everyone. Eat your moral hypocrisy and prey upon empty promises of forgiveness. 

You make no effort to restore or cultivate. You wait to die, pretending your rape and pillage have justification in an eternity you have no pretense to claim. 

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