Backlog Prioritization Methods

This week’s learning focus: develop an approach around facilitating the great “How We Prioritize the Backlog” discussion that can be used as a workshop in lean-agile scaled transformations.  
While I have my own preferences and have heard a variety of approaches recommended, it seems the “how to tailor it to your context” is a missing piece.

So if you are part of a group with multiple Product Owners, Product Managers, and other important stakeholders involved in your prioritization decisions, here are the best links on the topic so far. Full write-ups on connected topics and pragmatic recommendations will follow!

Agile 42’s Lean Canvas Method

Pragmatic Marketing’s Why ROI Won’t Work


Blog Post that Combines the thoughts above, though it’s so academic it may not be actionable to agile first-timers

How do you prioritize you backlog?

Photo via Rework. Read it!!

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