Fine, I’ll Do It Myself

I’m going to launch a product.  I’m going to start a company.  I’m an entrepreneur now. 

I see clearly that grabbing my best intellectual ally(s) and applying the combined, multifaceted, full-stack, full-spectrum brilliance we have is far more powerful than huge enterprises can compete with.  They are weighed down.  They can’t stop siloing.  They have enough money to survive their blunders for decades – that’s the only advantage they have.

With the inspiration of Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work! behind me, I will show anyone willing to listen exactly how I progress.  By doing so, I hope every potential user can be involved in the process, not just consume the product.

I’m not worried about having my idea stolen.  I care about it because it solves a pain I have and you might have it too.  I am building it based on selfishness, love, and empathy. 

“The special challenge of being a startup is the near impossibility of having your idea, company, or product be noticed by anyone, let alone a competitor.” 

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

If you want in, Tweet with the mention @keenerstrategy and #ShareLighter to send me questions, requests, or ideas.

Image via Kaique Rocha

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